Portraits From Photos of Pets and Children


by Skip Van Lenten

201 406-3933




Steve's Setter


Young Girl






Julie, 1993

I am a retired house painter, and self-taught portrait artist. I admire all of the arts, including music and writing, but I am especially fascinated by portrait painters who can capture the essence of their subjects in pencil or oil paintings. I painted my first portraits in 1983, as gifts for my sisters, and until I retired, I did not have a lot of time to do more, especially since my lack of training required hours and hours of detailed brush strokes to bring my subjects to life. The above samples represent maybe half of what I have done over the years, with a few landscape and still-life paintings thrown in, but now that I have the time, I hope to spend more of it painting portraits of pets and children as gifts, or as commissioned works. I can paint from photographs sent to me as attachments, or in the mail. If you would like me to do a portrait, please text me at 201 406-3933, or use the e-mail address below. Thank you.