Adirondack Watercolors

by Skip Van Lenten


The Adirondacks are to me what New Jersey was in the 1950's. When I was growing up in Bergen County, there were farms and greenhouses, vegetable stands, woods, and one stop light that blinked at night. Being outside, and playing in the woods, was something I enjoyed more than anything else, and it's not surprising that as I got older and moved out on my own, I always chose to live in rural areas. I felt more at home in little towns than anywhere else, and being in the Adirondack Mountains is the perfect way to spend my later years. It has inspired me to take up painting in watercolors to try to capture the openness and beauty of the Adirondack landscape, mountains, rivers, and lakes. They are as much a feeling as a sight to see. The first story in 30 Stories and A Little Adventure hints at the connection between the rural life of my childhood, and my love of the outdoors. The story appears in full in the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon.

30 Stories and A Little Adventure

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  • Bergen County, New Jersey, United States