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Stories about growing up in Bergen County, NJ in the 50's, and other stories by Skip Van Lenten

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Sometimes, it feels like memories are all that are left of the good times when you reach a certain age. That's not always true, of course,  but from the perspective of being older, the past can take on a magical hue that makes visiting it again and again something worth thinking about. For me, the magic doesn't end there. I like to write down my memories in as much detail as I can, reliving events as I go along, and then sharing them with my family and friends. Here are a handful of my favorites. I admit to going back and re-reading some of them myself now and then, just for the sake of remembering the good old days.


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The stories published here were written over several years, and occasionally  posted on my Facebook page (social links are below).  Most of them are about growing up in New Jersey in the 50's, when Bergen County could still be considered a rural area across the river from New York City. It was a different time and a different feeling, and I hope I have been able to convey what it was like through these stories and personal essays. 

Since retiring in 2014, I have also devoted a lot of my time to painting. I am fortunate to be able to spend a good portion of my summers in the Adirondacks where there are endless opportunities to paint outdoors and enjoy the beautiful countryside at the same time. To visit my painting site, please go to

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